Consumer Compliance Outlook: First Quarter 2011

Outlook Live Webinars

As part of its outreach efforts, the Federal Reserve System regularly conducts Outlook Live webinars on consumer compliance topics. The table below lists the archive of past events. You can view the webinars and download the presentation slides at the links provided. If you subscribe to Outlook, you will automatically be notified of future Outlook Live events. You will also receive an e-mail notification when a new issue of Outlook is published.

Date Webinar Description
04/06/11 CRA and HUD Neighborhood Stabilization Program Senior Project Manager Theresa Stark, Federal Reserve Board; Senior Vice President Mike Griffin, Key Bank; and Chief Lending Officer Matt Perrenod, Housing Partnership Network, discuss these new CRA opportunities.
03/17/11 Loan Originator Compensation Senior Attorney Paul Mondor and Senior Attorney Nikita Pastor, both of the Board of Governors, provide updated information and answer questions about the new regulatory requirements for loan originator compensation.
02/16/11 Risk-Based Pricing Notices Senior Attorney Mandie Aubrey, Board of Governors, and Supervisory Examiner Rebecca Reagan, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, discuss the new regulatory requirements for the RBP notices.
11/17/10 Tips for Reporting Accurate HMDA and CRA Data Senior Examiners Cindy Anderson, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and Karin Modjeski Bearss, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, discuss the current regulatory requirements for collecting and reporting CRA and HMDA data, common errors in reporting the data, and tips to help ensure that the data are right the first time, every time.
8/19/10 Consumer Regulatory Changes Assistant Director Jim Michaels, Managing Counsel Jane Gell, Senior Counsel Kathleen Ryan, and Senior Attorney Brent Lattin, Division of Consumer and Community Affairs, Board of Governors, provide up-to-date information on the following:
  • Status of current regulatory proposals
  • Upcoming final rules
  • Overview of new rules in the regulatory reform legislation
05/20/10 Consumer Compliance “Top Ten” Lists Senior Compliance Manager Ariane Smith and Senior Examiner Richele Brady, both of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, discuss a number of current or emerging topics in consumer compliance, including:
  • the top 10 things found in well-run compliance programs;
  • the top 10 issues identified on recent examinations; and
  • the top 10 things to know about consumer complaints.
11/10/09 New Overdraft Protection Program Rules Managing Counsel David Stein and Attorney Dana Miller, both of the Board of Governors, provide an overview of the final rules.